Hang Tien Cave- Phong Nha National Park

Hang Tien Cave- Phong Nha National Park- Phong Nha Locals

Hang Tien Cave has long been famous for its pristine beauty with a beautiful stalactite structure at the entrance of the cave divided by class like unique terraced fields. Thanks to the light from the outside shining on the inside, the vegetation here grows green; creating a picture of green and majestic nature. Moreover, this place is also the ideal camping place for travelers who like to trek Hang Tien cave in Quang Binh!

Hang Tien Cave- Phong Nha National Park- Phong Nha Locals

The name Hang Tien (Fairy Cave) is derived from the legend where the heavenly fairies came down to play and admire the scenery. Local people consider Hang Tien a sacred place, often chosen as a place to celebrate important rituals in spiritual life such as praying for rain, and for safety.

Hang Tien Cave Location

Hang Tien Cave (The Fairy Cave) is the largest dry cave in the system of Tu Lan caves in Cao Quang commune, Tuyen Hoa district, Quang Binh province. It is about 70km to the West of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park. The cave is nestled among large mountains and is surrounded by luxuriant foliage. Therefore, to reach the entrance of the cave, you will have to trek into the primary jungle; wade the stream, and climb up to mountainsides.

The best time to explore it

Referring to the trekking experience in the jungle, you will definitely have to care about the time as well as whether. As you know, the weather is a very important factor affecting your exploration.

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So, choose the right time to trek Hang Tien Cave to make the trip the most convenient and safest. Thus, the best time to conquer Hang Tien is in the dry season from April to August. Obviously, the warm weather is suitable for cave swimming. But if you want to experience camping in cooler weather, the best choice is from November to March.


Day 1: The longest trekking day

On this trekking day, you have to pass the 8km jungle trails to the Bi Mat Cave (Secret cave). This cave has a rather small door but the inside is wide open and there are many sparkling stalactites very beautiful. Here is one of 2 spots with ideal adventure photography that you cannot ignore.

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After about 4 hours of climbing in the afternoon, we will stop at a campsite near a natural stream. The water is very clear and cool, there is a lot of fish here especially in the early morning. And of course, there is nothing “better” than soaking down in the stream after 13km trek in total. After enjoying dinner, we will return to the tent to lie down to watch the stars, both peaceful and majestic.

Day 2: Challenge yourself

Increasingly, the difficulty increases gradually. The second day of trekking is no longer a flat road like the first day, but it is about climbing the cliffs, crossing the sharp rocks, wading into the stream, and keeping wet like that. Feeling that you are “self-mortifying” when being gouged with dirt on your body. You should remember to wear gloves if you do not want to be cut by sharp rocks. Moreover, the forest mosquitoes will bite you through clothes. It will be a tiring, miserable but extremely interesting journey.

Hang Tien Cave- Phong Nha National Park- Phong Nha Locals

The most impressive experience activity on the second day of trekking Hang Tien cave is swimming into a very large and deep cave, where it passes through a mountain. Because the water is deep, everyone has to wear life jackets and headlights. At a certain point, at the request of the tour guide, we will have to turn off all the lights and sink completely in the dark.

Hang Tien Cave- Phong Nha National Park- Phong Nha Locals

The afternoon is the time to camp in the best place of the trip. 6 tents set up along the stream as in fairy tales, green trees on both sides of the forest; majestic mountains blocking both sides, looking like a miniature valley below. Rest for a while, feel the sound of water flowing from the source. There is no phone reception and no Internet, no anger, and no fuss. Everything is separate from the outside world. It is just WOW!

Day 3: Conquer the Hang Tien Cave

Finally, we will arrive at Hang Tien caves. This is the second-largest dry cave after Son Doong cave. You will definitely be overwhelmed by looking up to the cave ceiling and the cave will be many times larger than in the photo.

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After admiring the fabulous and majestic beauty of Hang Tien Cave, we will trek about 7km back and our private car will pick us up to drive us back to the meeting point! We finish the Hang Tien Cave Tour!

Hang Tien Cave- Phong Nha National Park- Phong Nha Locals

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