Hang Va Cave- Phong Nha National Park

Hang Va Cave- Phong Nha National Park- Phong Nha Locals

Hang Va Cave Introduction

Hang Va Cave is a special cave that the world has never had. Stalactites here grow from the water like bamboo shoots, forming a paradise garden with thousands of bamboo shoots. It is very beautiful and very fragile, ”said Howard Limbert, cave expert of the Royal British Society.

Hang Va Cave- Phong Nha National Park- Phong Nha Locals

The cave was first discovered, surveyed, and announced to the world by the British Royal Cave Association in 2000. These are caves deep in the core zone of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park; the famous tourist destination in Quang Binh.

Hang Va Cave- Phong Nha National Park- Phong Nha Locals

Although being discovered so early, but compared to other caves, Hang Va – Nuoc Nut Cave has only been known in the past few years; most people have discovered and conquered these two caves are mostly backpackers, adventure lovers.


Hang Va and Hang Nuoc Nut Cave are located adjacent to each other, providing an interesting tour to explore. To get into Hang Va – Hang Nuoc Nut Cave; you must have patience and enduring health to cross the mountain trail about 10km. The cave door has a small path covered by dense old trees and vines are drooping almost completely, making our steps feel like we are about to enter another world when we “lift the mysterious curtain“.

Hang Va Cave- Phong Nha National Park- Phong Nha Locals

The stream of more than 500m will continue to bring the journey to discover two unique caves closer to visitors. Each step goes straight along the stream, each time you see the foot and the spirit is more refreshing when touching the natural cool water and the small rock along the path silently imprints on the journey.

Hang Va Cave- Phong Nha National Park- Phong Nha Locals
The last challenge that you have to conquer in order to admire Hang Va – Nuoc Nut Cave is a 15m high cave wall that requires the use of belts and climbing ropes and protective equipment to overcome.

The arch of the cave door was slowly widened, a fairyland gradually opens in front of your eyes. That is Hang Va cave, the paradise on earth everyone secretly wishes once in life. In Hang Va cave there are thousands of stalactite columns like piles firmly attached to the lake bed; cold steam rises, making the surface of the lake more sparkling and magical.

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According to research by geologists, stalactites here inherently have composition unlike other caves in the world. Stalactites in Hang Va are formed from a hard object so it can be branches, rocks, sand dunes, …Over time, thanks to the calcium in the lake water, they cling to become sturdy.

Hang Va Cave- Phong Nha National Park- Phong Nha Locals

Hang Nuoc Nut Cave

Next to the Hang Va, Nuoc Nut Cave, leaning peacefully behind with a length of more than 2.2km and essentially a river cave. At the upstream, the cave is dry and rough along with many uneven steps. Keep going 300m further, you will see the water flow starts pouring into the main part of the cave is pouring towards the lake about 400m away. There is also a small trail on the opposite side about 250m long to go to the cave’s lake bed.

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The crystal water flows slowly through each small stone; meeting the joyful slope crashing down the lake bed and releasing white foam. The lake is like a gentle mother extending her arms and embracing her child, continuing to sing the song and the sound of the wind echoing against the cave wall.

At times, the watercolor is green like moss, sometimes with emerald color, sometimes orange-red mixed with the color of a stalactite; all of them have a distinct nuance, and strangely attractive.

The creator has brought this place a very unique and attractive beauty. Even those who love to explore caves, who have come to many different lands; appreciate Hang Va cave as impressive and more beautiful then Son Doong cave. It is being noticed by the whole world.

However, tourists who conquer Hang VaHang Nuoc Nut cave need to take great care in preserving the landscape of the cave. Because a little carelessness while visiting can easily make the stalactites break; losing the masterpiece that nature has built so hard.

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