Ma Da Valley and Tra Ang Cave Travel Guide

Ma Da Valley and Tra Ang Cave- Phong Nha Locals


Discovering Ma Da valley and Tra Ang cave is a great experience for those who want to immerse themselves in the wild, romantic, and wonderful world after stressful working days.

Ma Da Valley and Tra Ang Cave- Phong Nha Locals

This is a very attractive and interesting destination located deep in the heart of the World Natural Heritage – Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park. It is right in the center of the area known as “The Cave Kingdom” of Quang Binh province.

Ha Ma Da Valley

Ha Ma Da is a large valley, quite flat and surrounded by majestic limestone mountains with peaks as high as white clouds; pristine forests with many precious kinds of rare wood. In the middle of this valley, Ma Da Lake is known by tourists as the “natural swimming pool” in the heart of the heritage. As you know, this lake located under an underground river cave; so the water flowing out from the depths in the stream of rocky mountains.

Ma Da Valley and Tra Ang Cave- Phong Nha Locals

Especially, with a depth of about 6m, Ma Da Lake has natural blue water like jade. The water is so clear that even when standing on the shore, it is very easy to see the herds of stream fish swimming deep in the lake bed. Coming to Ha Ma Da valley Vietnam, you will enjoy swimming in the pure lake. Plus, adventurous people will have the opportunity to try the game “jump bridge” from the high rock steps from 1.5 to 5.5 meters by the cliff and throw themselves into the deep water.

Ma Da Valley and Tra Ang Cave- Phong Nha Locals

Experience a BBQ lunch on the banks of the lake to rest and enjoy the pristine forest with hundreds of calls from wild animals; the majestic limestone mountains hidden behind the white clouds. You also can overnight in Ma Da valley jungle camping by booking the Mada Valley tour to experience the nightlife in the pristine jungle.

Tra Ang Cave

After the delightful experiences in Ha Ma Da valley, we will continue the trekking journey to conquer the jungle canopies; limestone cliffs to explore to Tra Ang cave – one of the famous caves in the heart of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park. As you know, a lot of famous producers, film directors; television game shows have chosen this place to set the scenes.

Ma Da Valley and Tra Ang Cave- Phong Nha Locals

Located next to Km17 on No. 20 Quyet Thang road- one of the rare travel paths in the core zone of Phong Nha World Natural Heritage. Tra Ang Cave is a cave with an underground river collecting water from En cave; Son Doong cave, and Hang Va. This cave has a length of nearly 700m, an average width of 40 – 50m. This is a cave with an attractive natural landscape, cool water in the cave; and natural sand in front of the cave’s entrance.

Ma Da Valley and Tra Ang Cave- Phong Nha Locals

Tra Ang Stream starts at the mouth of the Tra Ang cave, flowing along the 20 Quyet Thang road; and then goes under the giant Ke Bang limestone mountain into an underground stream in the mountain bed and then joins the Phong Nha underground river to pour out this cave door.

Ma Da Valley & Tra Ang Cave Tour

Join the Ma Da Valley and Tra Ang cave tour, you will get helmets, life jackets, headlight torches; gloves to conquer a sharp, rather rugged rocky mountain. Moreover, you will swim through the 600m stream water to discover the mystery in the Tra Ang cave. Headlights will help you see stalactites formed millions of years ago on the ceiling.

Phong Nha Locals Travel

The water of Tra Ang cave has an average temperature of about 18 degrees. In the beginning, you will feel a bit cold but from the moment you immerse yourself in the water; getting used to and challenging the ability to swim, suddenly it feels extremely interest.

Phong Nha Locals Travel

At the end of the journey to explore and swim in the cave; the porters will welcome you at the cave entrance by the stream with fragrant hot teacups.

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