Mooc Spring – Phong Nha national park

Mooc Springs- Phong Nha Tour
Mooc Spring- Phong Nha Locals Tour
Mooc Spring- Phong Nha Locals Tour

Mooc Spring – Wonderful landscape in Quang Binh

Mooc Spring- Phong Nha Locals Tour

Located near Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, Nuoc Mooc spring has a wonderful natural landscape with ecosystem diversity. The tourist will enjoy the fascinating experiences.
Being also a beautiful tourist attraction in Quang Binh, but Nuoc Mooc spring is widely unknown as Phong Nha – Ke Bang, Son Doong cave, or beach Nhat Le.

Mooc Spring- Phong Nha Locals Tour

Coming to Mooc spring, visitors can not only discover and learn about the diversity of the ecosystem here but also admire the beauty of many colorful animals and insects such as birds, butterflies, dragonflies, adorned this spring water spring section is more lively and beautiful.
Besides, tourists can join kayaking to explore this beautiful nature of Mooc spring and enjoy rustic dishes that are equally unique at the only “Bird’s Nest Restaurant” Quang Binh.

Mooc Spring- Phong Nha Locals Tour

At the beginning of the water source, people will admire the strangeness of the stream with low pillars of water rising from the ground and flowing into the Mooc stream to dissolve the Chay river. According to experts from the Royal Family after surveying the unique phenomenon of this lake, the lake is about 90 m2 wide.

Mooc Spring- Phong Nha Locals Tour

If you have the opportunity to visit Mooc spring in April, you can see the Vang Anh flower blooming by the green stream.

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Mooc Spring- Phong Nha Locals Tour

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