Phong Nha Botanic Garden Trekking 1 Day 1 Night

Phong Nha, Quang Binh

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$ 120


To do Phong Nha Botanic Garden Trekking 1 Day 1 Night, please have a look at the 1-day tour option first and add a night staying more. If you have already had a look at the 1-day tour option, this is an extra option that you should think about as well. After a day of seeing the animals and the beautiful nature, you might wonder yourself how the jungle will be in the night time in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park.


Lies on the Road No.20 Quyet Thang, approximately 12 km from the Phong Nha Tourism Center. Phong Nha Botanical Garden is a pristine forest with an area of over 40 hectares and 500 plant species within their diverse ecosystems.

The garden has been attracted a lot of tourists because of some fabulous masterpieces from Nature such as Gio Waterfall, a propagation section, Vang Anh Lake, a prototype exhibition house, and pristine forest patches. Its richness of flora provides an ideal habitat for various species of rare birds and mammals.

Daytime Itinerary

Coming to the Phong Nha Botanic Garden, you not only can join a guided plant tour along a 3-kilometer path but also enjoy the beauty of some famous attractions such as Gio waterfall, Vang Anh lake with the fresh blue water. You will learn and observe many species of wildlife in the wild and semi-wild jungle.

As you know, the Phong Nha Botanical Garden has three routes so you can choose the itinerary that you would like to explore

Route 1: Waterfall only (40 minutes).

Route 2: Lake (small swimming spot) and Waterfall (1 hour and 30 minutes).

The route 3: Same as the route 2 plus a longer jungle trek (3 hours).

Phong Nha Botanical garden trekking 1D1N - Phong Nha Locals Travel
Phong Nha Botanic garden trekking

Nighttime Itinerary

At around 5 pm, we will find a great camping place to make our own camping tents. After that, we will join the locals who live in the Phong Nha National Park to make the wonderful BBQ for dinner. Not only a great chance to talk, learn more about the local life but also we will drink some rice wine, local beers with them.

Phong Nha Botanic Garden Trekking 1 Day 1 Night- Phong Nha Locals Travel
Phong Nha Botanic Garden Trekking

So if you are curious about life in the jungle in the evening, it is a great time to walk around to spot some wild animals in the national park. Then, you will stay in the proper single/double camping tent and enjoying the different impressions of the night falling down in the forest. of course, it would be a great experience for you at the world heritage site.

After all, we will have a light breakfast and trek out of the jungle. Our Phong Nha private car will drive you back to your hotel.


  • Single/double camping tent
  • Torches and lights
  • BBQ Food
  • Water
  • Local Spirits
  • Breakfast for next morning
  • English Speaking guide


  • Personal expenses, tips.
  • Things not mentioned in the inclusion.

Children’ policies

  • Children under 10 years old 75%.
  • Children from 10 years old are adults.


USD 120/ Person.



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