Phong Nha Cave- The Unesco World Heritage

Phong Nha Cave- Phong Nha Locals Travel


Phong Nha cave is the most typical landmark of the cave system of the Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park complex. Phong Nha was voted as one of the most beautiful caves in the world with the following criteria: The longest underground river, the most beautiful underground lake. The highest and widest cave entrance, The most beautiful reefs, sand beaches; the widest and most beautiful dry cave, The most magical and magnificent stalactite system, the longest water cave. Phong Nha Cave is an attraction that a lot of tourists choose to visit in Quang Binh province.

Phong Nha Cave- Phong Nha Locals Travel

Phong Nha Cave Location

From Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh Province, you should take Phan Dinh Phung Street, follow Ho Chi Minh road to the “Phong Nha-Ke Bang World Natural Heritage“, to Phong Nha. At the boat station, you buy an entrance ticket and take a boat to go along the Son River to visit Phong Nha.

Phong Nha Cave- Phong Nha Locals Travel

Phong Nha Cave Map

What makes this natural wonder special?

Phong Nha cave is 7,729m long. The cave gate is 20-25m wide, and about 10m high. When the boat comes to the cave mouth, We will turn off the engine, the boatman will use the paddles to row the boat quietly into the heart of the cave. The cave door is trapezoidal, about 10 meters high and 20-25 meters wide. Falling into the cave, the heat of summer in central Vietnam disappears.

Phong Nha Cave- Phong Nha Locals Travel

Inside the cave is as cool as in an air-conditioned room. That is the same feeling everyone has, but the beauty and majesty of the stalactite system depend on the imagination of each person. Take the boat to go deeply to the cave, the darkness makes the stalactites fanciful and beautiful. Sailing over 600m in the cave, visitors can enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty of “The First Cave“.

Phong Nha Cave- Phong Nha Locals Travel

Witnessing the strange images of nature, each visitor cannot help but be touched by the beauty of stalactites. The beauty has extremely wild but bizarre shapes and always knows how to attract all the eyes of visitors with the pristine singularities that human imagination is spoiled for. It is difficult to describe the majestic beauty of chambers, limestone corridors covered with glittering stalactites under the torchlight of the underground river.

The beautful masterpiece of Nature

Phong Nha is the most typical cave in terms of aesthetic value and uniqueness at Phong Nha – Ke Bang Heritage. It is voted by the Royal British Association as one of the most beautiful caves in the world with 7 criteria: The cave has the most beautiful underground river; There are highest and widest cave gates; There are beautiful sandy beaches and reefs; There is a most beautiful underground lake; There is a large and beautiful dry cave; There are a magic and magnificent stalactite system; as well as the longest water cave.

Phong Nha Cave- Phong Nha Locals Travel

Visitors will go to Fairy cave and Cung Dinh cave with stalactites above 20m high from nature. These are also two typical caves of Phong Nha cave with fanciful and magnificent stalactites system and thousands of masterpieces formed by creation. With countless strange and fascinating images, nature has created on the cliff the shape of fairies with long, shiny blond hair.

Phong Nha Locals Travel

Cung Dinh cave has stalactites like the throne, extremely exquisitely “carved” by nature … If you tap on a string of stalactites like a fretboard, people seem to be enjoying the melody of the bass sound, treble reverberation.

Phong Nha Cave Price

The Entrance tickets

To visit Phong Nha caves Vietnam, you have to buy an entrance ticket. It costs VND 150,000/ 01 adult. Children under 1.3 m in height are exempt from admission tickets.

The boat tickets

Phong Nha Cave boat: VND 360,000/ 1 boat with life jackets, maximum 12 people including children.

Phong Nha Caves Tour

There are many different ways to visit Phong Nha Ke Bang Cave such as you can do it by yourself without tour. If you stay in Dong Hoi city or Phong Nha Town, you can book Phong Nha and Dark Cave Tour. But if you stay in Hue, you also can visit this beautiful wonder by booking the Phong Nha 1 Day Tour from Hue. We always listen to you and can customize the tours/ transfers following your requests!

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