Tien Son Cave Phong Nha Vietnam

Tien Son Cave Phong Nha Vietnam- Phong Nha Locals Travel

Tien Son Cave Introduction

Discovered in 1935 and located right next to Phong Nha cave, Tien Son Cave is a famous beautiful cave in the Phong Nha-Ke Bang area. Initially, the locals called it as the Dry cave, to distinguish it from Phong Nha cave is a wet cave. Due to its mysterious and magical beauty, it was later known as the fairy cave.

Tien Son Cave Phong Nha Vietnam- Phong Nha Locals
Tien Son Cave Phong Nha Vietnam- Phong Nha Locals

Tien Son Cave Location

The road to this beautiful cave is winding in the middle of the mountain, the mouth of the cave is about 200m above the ceiling of Phong Nha cave. The cave is considered as the castle of stalactites with thousands of colorful stalactites, and attractive marble columns.

Tien Son Cave Phong Nha Vietnam- Phong Nha Locals

This cave has a total length of 980m and is not connected to Phong Nha cave but is a unified complex.

What makes it beautiful?

The scenery in Tien Son cave is likened to the “fairyland”. Precipitation in the cave is thousands of stalactites with fanciful colors. This cave has a high dynamic dome, clearly visible with veins with a color like silver gold. The marble columns have many magical looks that make people ecstatic as if they are lost in heaven or the aquatic kingdom.

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What makes it more special than Phong Nha cave is its negative resonance stone plates and columns. When people tap it, it will emit strange noises, like gongs, and drums coming from the depths of the earth.

Tien Son Cave Phong Nha Vietnam- Phong Nha Locals

The deeper the cave goes, the more obscure the pathway, bending its core through the stalactites. There are places where you have to bend down or lean over to get through. The magical images, the unique natural beauty of stalactites hanging from the cave ceiling or stalagmite rising from the ground, will make you really feel like you are lost in a new world.

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According to scientists from the Royal British Cave Association, Tien Son Cave Phong Nha has formed tens of millions of years ago. When a stream flowed into the hollowed mountain, eroding Ke Bang limestone mountain.

Tien Son Cave Phong Nha Vietnam

Then, due to geological tectonics of this mountain mass was either raised or lowered, the rocks collapsed, blocking the flow to create Tien Son cave above. The part with the underground river flowing through creates Phong Nha cave.

An ancient Love story about Tien Son Cave

There is a love story about Tien Son cave between the brave man and a fairy who holds the sword of Heaven. The man once desperately crossed the high mountains and abyss to find the fairy to borrow the sword to kill the sea monster to protect his village.

Take advantage of when the fairies poured out her robes to swim in the stream, he secretly stole the sword, thereby destroying demons, eliminating harm to the people. When he returned to the stream to return the sacred sword. Seeing the fairy crying and unable to get back to Heaven because of the loss sword, the man confessed his whole situation.

Understand the story and his brave, the fairy felt in love with him, this mount has since become the dating place of the two. Heaven knows the story, so summons the fairy to Heaven to punish. Since returning to Heaven, the fairy withered away because she missed the young man, and the young man looked forward to meeting the fairy day and night.

Their love touched Heaven’s heart; the king of heaven created the Tien Son cave (fairy cave) to look like heaven and allowed her to come down to earth to marry the man, bringing along the sword so that they could take care of the all people. That’s why Tien Son cave is as beautiful as a fairyland.

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